When recently asked to describe his writing style, RJ's response was simply, "Prolific as fuck."

Having been writing screenplays for over 20 years (homeboy started at 12), RJ Buckley has brought home numerous awards including winning the Slamdance Screenwriting Competition with his short film ‘Harold’s Bad Day.’ More recently his feature script ‘Retirement’ was in the top 10 at the Austin Film Festival, his pilot ‘Welcome to Heiding’ was top four in Screencraft’s pilot competition, his feature ‘To Kill an Angel’ was a Nicholl Quarter-Finalist, and his feature ‘The Astronauts’ was a Nicholl Next 100. 

RJ literally has lost count of the amount of features, shorts, and web series' he's written but you can find a smattering of them below.

Stay tuned for his first Horror Feature ‘The Seance’ filming Winter of 2019.